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Shree Ram Apt, JN road, Mulund(West)

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Hospital Charges


  • General Ward Rs. 1200/- day
  • Twin Sharing Rs. 2000/- day
  • Single occupancy Rs. 3000/- day
  • HDU Rs. 4000/- Day
  • NICU Rs. 2000/- Day

(Doctors visit charges, consumables, Medicines investigations extra)


  • Routine Rs. 300/- film
  • Emergency Rs. 400/- film
  • Digital Rs. 500/- film

LABORATORY As per actuals(Ask laboratory receptionist)




Note: Rates are subject to change at the hospitals discretion. Kindly confirm the same with the reception at the hospital.


Scope Of The Hospital

Hernia Clinic

Scientific & evidence based treatment of hernia. Diagnosis and treatment from the experts catering all sorts of hernia & all types of surgeries for Hernia.

General Surgery

Surgeries on Gallbladder, Appendix, Hydrocele, Bowels, Stomach, Piles, Fishers, Fistulas, Thyroid, Brest, Varicose veins, Swellings on the body and Cancer Surgeries.

Laparoscopic Surgery

Advanced Minima Access Laparoscopic Surgery for a quicker, less painful and faster recovery from Hernia. We perform Gallbladder, Appendix, Hernia and Bowel surgeries

Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic surgeries performed by experienced doctors to relieve from all musculoskeletal problems. Advanced surgery techniques ensure quality treatment and utmost care.

Pediatric Surgery

Pediatric surgery performed by highly qualified doctors accompanied by skilled & experienced staff to ensure your child receives the best treatment and quick recovery.

Medical Care

Supreme Medical Care by the best doctors to provide excellent healthcare services to you so you can be rest assured that you always receive the best medical care.

Pediatric care

Expert pediatricians with relevant experience and proven track record make our team aptly qualified and trustworthy of handling the healthcare needs of your little ones.

Neonatal Intensive Care

Most modern NICU accompanied by the trusted and experienced team of doctors and staff so the little ones and the mother both receive the best medical care.

High dependency unit for critical care

Special unit for emergencies and critical health situations with modern, advanced equipment’s and extensively attentive team for utmost care during serious situations.

Diagnostics facilities

Diagnostic center with multiple facilities like Laboratory, X-rays, Ultrasonography, Echo cardiogram, ECG etc. for quicker accurate results which are elemental in many situations.