Pooja Hospital

Our Location

Shree Ram Apt, JN road, Mulund(West)

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022-31553916 / 022-25642225


Every visitor brings a different mood for the patient. Make sure you bring the right one!

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For attendant

Only one adult attendant is allowed to be with the patient.

For Visitor

Only one visitor is allowed to visit the patient in addition to the attendant during visiting hours. It is preferable that minimum visitors visit in the interest of patient.

Visiting Time

04:00 pm to 06:00 pm for ward patients. No visitors are allowed in NICU and High dependency unit.

(Children below the age of 12 are not permitted as visitors)


Food facilities are not available. Visitor must arrange for the same.


Since the hospital premises are in the residential premises, car parking is not available for the patient or visitors. However, vehicles can be brought inside the society compound to drop or pick up the patient, on request.

DO’s & Don'ts


Do ask your patient's permission to visit before you arrive
Do wash your hands and sanitize them before you touch the patient or patient’s belonging
Do turn off your cell phone, or at least turn the ringer off
Do stay for a short time
Do leave the room if the doctor or provider arrives to examine or talk to the patient


Don't enter the hospital if you have any symptoms that could be contagious
Don't Smoke, consume alcohol and non-vegetarian food in the hospital premises
Don't attempt photography or video shoot in the hospital premises
Don’t divulge any information about the patient to others. Patients have right to confidentiality
Don’t litter around and help us in keeping hospital clean